Our Roots

SUPREME AURA is high vibrational beauty brand made of high frequency active ingredients and manufactured in small batch production runs to maintain the highest quality for you & your skin.

We are SUPERFOOD + SUPER HYDRATION for your skin. We are rooted in supporting your skin with luxurious oils and extracts that are pure, high-quality, high vibrational, and food-grade. Supreme is VEGAN + Cruelty Free always.

We keep it local. #shopsmall // Everything is designed, developed and manufactured in Charleston, SC.


Hi -I am Lisa jean Walsh, creator, multi-tasking mompreneur and religious user of Supreme Aura. I and religious user of supreme aura. In fact, I designed this beauty line for ME and my busy schedule, and with powerful ingredients that would support my aging skin. In my 40's I needed clean beauty that I knew I could trust but wanted it to be effective, so I deigned something for me.  I started Supreme aura for my friends asking me why my skin is always glowing and healthy in my 40's. I keep production small and have a cult following of return customers. 

Lets Face It

Let’s face it: it seems like forever, the cosmetic industry has been feeding us chemicals ( or lies) wrapped in pretty packaging with the promise of results.
Even the natural alternatives are so watered down or filled with inexpensive natural fillers, they’re honestly ineffective and disappointing. The truth is, the most effective compounds are grown, not manufactured. But that doesn’t mean all plants are created equal — it’s the right plants, sourced from the right location, in the right concentration that make all the difference. At Supreme Aura, we’re here to prove the real power of plants through our pure active formulas. Finally, skincare you can feel good about and results you can’t deny. It’s time to really FEED & Nourish your skin.

Mission: To create a chemical free, high- performance, yet affordable skincare powered by plants that WORKS! We are all inclusive and believe everyone should have the right to glowing, magnetically beautiful skin. 

Self-care is NOT optional. We need a /higher/ healing. Your best self starts with supporting your aura, feeling GOOD within and glowing on the outside. We believe that supreme wellness and high vibrational beauty IS for EVERYONE!

Everything in the universe is made of vibrational energy, interactive subatomic particles; and everything we consume or surround ourselves with ultimately impacts our energy and health – for better or for worse. When cells are healthy, they’re able to efficiently metabolize nutrients and make all the energy your body needs. Their vibrational frequency is higher than unhealthy cells. And your vibration is really the sum energy of all your cells.

Living a high vibration lifestyle means living in a way that helps maintain or raise your body’s natural vibrational frequency. Our mission is to awaken & enhance your well-being naturally through supreme, high concentrated products made from nature. We strive to optimize health goals, and bring total healing from within so you can show your glow.
Feeling good is a positively charged, electromagnetic connection with our mind, body, and soul.  BREATHING DEEPLY + HIGH ENERGY VIBES



  • CLEAN — Premium lux ingredients farmed and kept local in the USA.

  • TRUSTED — Carefully lab-tested, and tested on friends and family before production- so you know it’s safe.

  • EFFECTIVE — Expert recommended, so you know it works. Dermatologists, Coaches, Spa's and Holistic wellness practitioners use and recommend Supreme Aura to their clients.


supreme aura

Super Charged Beauty

Super Charged Beauty

Super Charged SKIN FOOD