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DON’T LIVE IN A BUBBLE: Did you know that a lot of skincare companies put more money into marketing and packaging than into the actual ingredients inside the bottle?

Junk Food for your pores? No Thanks!

We believe when it comes to skincare that dramatic transformation shouldn’t involve low frequency ingredients OR compromise. Sure some-lab created, not-so-natural beauty products achieve impressive, tangible results, but often at the cost of damaging side effects both on your skin and beneath it. We keep it clean and plant based.

HOLISTIC LUXURY: Elevate your skin to a higher frequency. NO ‘dirty’ ingredients. Pure skin Food.

We put the cost into souring the best active formulas and not throwing money away with packaging that cost more than the ingredients. We want you to feel the different. Healthy Ingredients means a happier customer.

Supreme Aura is a results driven beauty and wellness company committed to sourcing the most effective, adaptogenic and non-toxic Ingredients from Korea, Japan, Europe, and LOCAL farms from the US.

From start to finish, our manufacturing process uses NO cheap fillers, NO synthetic dyes, NO chemical fragrances, and is Non-Toxic, Non-GMO, Vegan, and Cruelty-free. Sustained by science, supported by nature, handcrafted in small batch.

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Super Charged Beauty

Super Charged Beauty

Super Charged SKIN FOOD