Nutrition for Beauty? Healing from the inside out.

Nutrition for Beauty? Healing from the inside out.


Rethink beauty.

What does it mean to you?

Is it about feeling good? Glowing skin? A Strong Body? A healthy Mind? A Happy and Grateful Soul?

All of the above? Yes, same here!

So I start with Beauty Bites. Little morals of goodness that feed into your every beauty need starting with your spirit, soul, your internal organs on the inside until you can see the life bright-eyed, energetic, VIBRANT, glowing and healthy on the outside. True beauty awaits.

To Connect the mind to the body, your body must first feel good. Same for your mind, your MIND must be in a good place. It’s a cycle, a Ying- and- yang. keeping a special balance. I like to call it the ‘GOLDEN RATIO’, but not the mathematical one. No, the one that lays in nature, sunshine, healthy food and happy relationships with it.

Sleep, a deep and peaceful sleep is paramount. Take time to wind down before bed. Get quiet: in the shower, reading book, meditating, or journaling. Sleep allows for the Nutritional aspect of beauty to be bountiful.


1.) ADD: Sleep + Water is a ‘Golden ratio’ to us. 8 house or more of sleep, try 8 OR MORE glasses of water.

once you have master that keep adding bites.


2: LIMIT: Alcohol + Caffeine: I know I know nobody likes to be told to STOP drinking alcohol or limit caffeine. I mean, come on, these two things are necessary to LIVE these days. But please try to dial it back. If you drink 2-3 cups a day, scale back to one… until it’s a small one, Orin that is easy try to skip days without Caffeine, and Alcohol to weekends. If you must celebrate, they to keep it to a minimum. Add more Sleep + water if you are overloaded on Sleep + Water to correct.


3.) ADD: Workouts + Gratitude. Cardio, weight, yoga, swimming. try to keep your body in motion. A body in motion is a mind in motion. Once it stops everything slows down. Try to dedicate your workout, or the gym session before hand with a mindful saying, or didactic it to a special person or purpose to get the most out of your workout, keeping you focused and satisfied once you have completed the task. It feels good to connect the brain + body after. Circle back on your gratitude dedication.


4: LIMIT: Fried foods + Meats & Dairy: Fried foods are not only loaded with fats but also are a major source of free radicals ( creative oxygen molecules that steal electrons from healthy molecules in your body, causing cellular damage in the process). Then there is the meat and dairy dilemma. Environmentally it’s hard to digest: Together, the worlds top five meat and dairy corporations are now responsible for more annual greenhouse gas emissions than Exxon, Shell, or BP. Meat: comes from animals fed antibiotics, hormones, or other un-pretty ingredients. Most conventional meats available to you at the super market boost INFLAMMATION with an abundance of Omega 6 fatty acids and lack Omega 3’s, the OPPOSITE of hat you want for beauty and health.

Dairy: it’s a common food intolerance. 2 troubling components of dairy, a protein called Casein and a sugar called Lactose, can cause bloating and gas, digest issues, and throw off you body's natural hormonal balance.

Now we are NOT saying DON”T EAT FRIED FOODS, MEAT OR DAIRY. Just choose to limit them and choose other alternatives. Steamed, fresh or raw veggies. Pass on the fires. Limit meat to grass-feed, hormone-free, or wild caught ( fish). Skip red meat and poultry in favor of other proteins like Salmon, Spirulina, Pastured eggs, Quinoa, and Lentils.


Stay tuned for Supreme Aura beauty tips.


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