Ok, I’ve got to admit it. I love knowing what other women are carrying around every season from the 'IT BAG' to what's inside. 

Firstly I change up my handbags pretty frequently to match my outfits and also depending what I’m doing and how much I need to carry. My go-it is a fanny pack, but I do love to grab a key designer timeless handbag and throw on a pair of sneaker. 

 Goyard tote, Dior handbag, AURA Glow what in your bag

I like a crossbody option for when I’m out shopping with clients and doing the supermarket run, so I don’t have to worry about it getting in the way.  BUT whats trending now are the mini's and the totes, you can throw the small bags inside your large Celine or Goyard! 

What is important is what's inside these designer bags? 

I keep it simple:

  • Supreme aura fix it roller
  • Sunglasses
  • Vintage Gucci wallet  (Tri-fold wallet that fits in the mini bags too, Vintage to remain sustainable when shopping luxury) 
  • Keys
  • Baby wipes ( A MacGyver item that can get out any stain, clean hands, spills, makeup remover, anything you name it) 
  • Hand Sanitizer
  • Aura Glow beauty Oil ( I put it everywhere, but usually top of hands to prevent aging with all this hand washing lately) 
  • Fenty MVP Lip Stick ( once you try you will never use anything else) 
  • HUM vitamins
  • Organic Tampons ( you never know )
  • Business Card ( QR Code with all info to reduce carbon footprint) 
  • Iphone ( DUH) 


Share with Supreme your MUST Have handbags this season along with with whats inside? Surprise us! 

xo - Lisa Jean / Muffin

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